Does it matter HOW you got here?

I follow a lot of blogs. Admittedly I don’t read every single post from every single blog that I follow. Otherwise I’d be up until 4am most mornings. Actually, come to think of it, I am up until 4am most mornings, but that’s only because Film4 always show the best offering at 1 or 2am and then there’s Twitter and Facebook to sort through and, well you know.

Sometimes I start to follow a blog because the subject matter appeals or the writing style suits me or I know the writer or they follow a blog that follows a blog that lives next door to the people who used to own the farm they was rented by the people whose blog I follow. Sometimes it is that convoluted.

However sometimes the reasons I’m initially attracted to a blog are not the reason I stay with it. So I’ll come clean here. I’m a guy. A relatively normal and ‘typical’ guy. So it’ll come as no surprise to some, that I started reading A Girl Called Jack because it’s author, a girl now called Jack, is gorgeous, pretty, hot and quite closely in my opinion, resembles Anne Hathaway, an actress I love. Shallow I know, but honest n’est-ce pas?


So then I began to actually read her blog, read the actual words rather than just gaze longingly at the pictures (I’ll admit I’ve got a real thing for her hair, I love it). One of the first posts of hers that I read was her standing up to Richard Littlejohn over a year ago now. I’m always impressed when someone takes the time and makes the effort to take apart an article piece by piece and expose the dross in it. RL’s piece was essentially an attack on her but rather than rant in reply she simple responded to each facet of his clumsy, negative journalism a bit at a time.

© Mirror Newspaper Group

Her blog is actually essentially, a cookery blog, done from the perspective of someone who has through necessity in the past, had to keep a very close eye on budgets. Now I don’t cook very much, but her recipes do appear to be quick, cheap and look yummy. Ok so her fetish for that most horrid of nature’s offerings, the pumpkin is questionable, but aside from that she is sound. Her various pancake recipes alone are worth the read. And she does do a nice cake too. I’m hoping to be invited round to tea, but if she ever reads this, that’ll so not happen!

But this got me thinking, which is in itself, a rare occasion. Do other people start following a blog for one reason and stay for another? For instance, do my readers only stick around, putting up with the drivel in the faint hope that one day I’ll start modelling swimwear?

And will Jack Monroe block me from her blog/Twitter if she ever finds out that I only started following because she’s cute and Hatherwayesque? I’ll let you know.


About Words of Little Relevance

Freelance stage manager; software and web tester; Excel and map geek; Tweeter; Blogger and Cake Eater. Often back-stage in and around Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire where I move scenes, or play with lights or sound.
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