A long lazy lunch on a gorgeous day off

Both Catherine and I had had appointments booked and so we decided to book the day off together.

Which inevitably led to a lovely long lazy lunch, this time at one of Raymond Blanc’s restaurants, the wonderful little Brasserie Blanc in Berkhamsted.

And how does one start, but with cocktails in the sunshine of course.

Cocktails in the sunshine? Well I don’t mind if I do.

We ate :

Both : Ciabatta bread with black olive tapenade, olive oil and balsamic vinegar and garlic mayonnaise
Catherine : Beef Stroganoff with pilaf rice, spinach, peas and leeks
James : Grilled Sardines with a herb garlic marinade
Both : Flamed Baked Alaska

Apparently, all it takes to make a girl smile is a HUGE Baked Alaska! Who knew?


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