Gaps in our history?

Good evening.

I was never a big fan of history when I was at school. That might have been something to do with the way it was presented. We studied both “History” and something called “Civilisation” and I was never really sure where one ended and the other began. All I do know, is that it all seemed rather tedious and a little boring at the time.

But maturity and years of thwarted attempts to learn the Macarena, give one a different outlook on life.

I was today reading a brief account of the goings on of one Queen Boudicca (and you can pronounce that however you like, I really don’t care). Now as every English school-boy knows, this red-haired, feisty woman was queen of the tribe known as the Iceni who inhabited, well effectively it was Norfolk. However when her hubby died and passed the throne on to their two daughters, the newly arrived nasty Romans (NANRs) would hear none of it. Instead they publicly raped the daughters, flogged queen B and generally helped themselves to, well effectively it was Norfolk.

Of course history recounts that Mrs B and the daughters were more than a little hacked off about all of this and so raised up an army and indeed they initially beat the NANRs away team 3-0 (Colchester, London and St.Albans) before the NANRs got the upper hand, took control of the game and won in extra time. Mrs. B (we are told) died of poisoning (presumably self-administered).

Now as I said at the top of the piece, I’m not really a big fan of history, but as many a friend and even more outraged fathers will tell you, I am a big fan of other people’s daughters and so I want to know what happened to Boudicca’s. History (as presumably recorded by the aforementioned NANRs) doesn’t really tell us a lot, even their names are uncertain. It is widely suggested that they too took their own lives, but there is no hard evidence for this. There seems to be no concrete reporting of their fate at all. And I think that that’s a shame. I’d like to remember them and give them their due place in English history.

So if you’ve been affected by any of the issues raised in this piece, or indeed if you’re from Norfolk and therefore just need someone to talk to, or if you think that you’re directly descended from either of Queen Boudicca’s daughters, do please get in touch.

Oh and there’s a reward of course. It’s called the throne of England. Comes with a house, a bit of land, some swans, you’ll love it.



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3 Responses to Gaps in our history?

  1. Margo says:

    Ahem. Since when did the rights to Norfolk entitle one to the throne of England? Eh? Eh? Where’d that come from then? Bit of a loose connection, innit?

  2. James says:

    Because as (arguably) the strongest tribe leader of the day, if the NANRs hadn’t invaded, she was the most likely to rule most of Britain.

  3. You must read Boudica by Vanessa Collingridge. It is well researched and gives you a good understanding of the times as well as those Romans. Oh and it is highly unlikely that she would have ruled Britain. The Island was too caught up in inter-tribal conquests to unify at that point, nor was her army disciplined enough for that kind of conquest.

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