This thing called ‘me’

It’s (never) worth coming back and looking at this from time to time, you never know what i might have added!!

  • I doubt that I’ve ever done anything deftly since my conception. And strictly speaking, I can’t really take all the credit for that!
  • I am prepared for amazing things to happen. I can handle it.
  • I am currently a certain number of years old (although I expect that that will change soon, certainly within the next twelve months or so).
  • I am a child of the 60s (although my only real memory of the fashion of that era was my short school trousers).
  • I was born in the twentieth century and will die (presumably) in the twenty-first.
  • I have lived in Birkenhead, Manchester, Derby, Ilkeston, Shoreham-by-Sea, Worthing, Southampton, Cedar Rapids (Iowa), Reading, Chorley Wood (note correct spelling), Harrow and Wimbledon.
  • I am happiest in a sleepy hamlet or on a quiet beach (my favourite spot on the planet is a tiny, quiet harbour in Sweden).
  • I eat sushi, cake, a lot of toast, quite a lot of Corn Flakes (but never chocolate).
  • I hate going to the gym (although the girl in the coffee bar is quite cute).
  • I love going to the cinema (but don’t get to see nearly enough movies).
  • I drink a lot of tea and coffee (but usually only decaffeinated).
  • I have worked in aviation (you’d be surprised at what I’m legally allowed to drive around and park); medicine (nothing beats the thrill of holding a human heart in your hand, while it’s still working) and IT (if I ever think of anything interesting to say here, you’ll be the first to know).
  • I’ve not worked in the pornography industry (and some of my friends may find that surprising, given my exhibitionist streak and modelling work).
  • I thought that President George W. Bush was an embarrassment to the American people and it proved that the election of a US president was too important an issue to be left to the Americans to sort out alone.
  • I don’t have a high pain threshold (although my screams are incredibly manly).
  • I have a low boredom threshold (thick people bore me almost instantly).
  • I put off having to replace clothes for as long as possible (I have jumpers that are twenty years old).
  • I hate cooking (but love eating the results of someone else’s).
  • I like watching the morning sunrise (but hate getting up for it. I’d rather STAY up for it – and then go to bed)!
  • My ideal woman would be a mixture of Mary-Louise Parker, Lily Allen, Kim Thompson, Gail Trimble and Gillian Anderson.
  • My desert island woman (for sex) would be (Mary-Louise Parker).
  • My desert island woman (for conversation) would be (Gail Trimble).
  • Being a dessert island, I’d hope they’d both be happy to switch roles now and then.
  • No matter how many hours I work and how tired I am, my insomnia keeps me awake (and then I’€™ll sleep for ten hours, go figure).
  • I hardly ever wear underwear (in case I need to get naked in an emergency).
  • Although I have shopped at Agent Provocateur.
  • I decided that by writing some of my thoughts down it might free up my mind a little (it hasn’t).
  • I secretly like lots of Christmas songs.

About Words of Little Relevance

Freelance stage manager; software and web tester; Excel and map geek; Tweeter; Blogger and Cake Eater. Often back-stage in and around Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire where I move scenes, or play with lights or sound.
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