So what products should the Pope endorse?

Good afternoon.

Well the headline writers will enjoy the news today from Rome, that Vatican Radio, in a bid to help meet spiralling costs, is to start airing advertisements. Vatican Radio has a long and respected history amongst the world’s broadcasters, being one of the first radio stations and with a transmitter originally designed by a chap called ‘Marconi’ who knew a thing or two about radio when nobody else did.

So apart from the soap powder adverts promising to get your “Whites whiter than white” and perhaps a vineyard or two, who else would want to advertise their wares on “The Voice of the Pope”?

BBC News


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One Response to So what products should the Pope endorse?

  1. Margo says:

    Gotta tell you, I believe Tesla got in before Marconi did, but it is a hotly-debated topic among the Anoraks …Advertising on “Voice of the Pope”? How about "choc-chip cookies for the Really Wicked" instead of the ordinary ole wafer under the tongue …And … "Confess here – confessions in comfort" for luxury confessional booths. Or even "Confess now, Pay later" for penances offered on a budget-style 6-month penitential payment scheme. Or "Sin now, let us do your penance!" You know, tithing for penitents sort of thing.You could also have anonymous confessions turned into Reality Soap by the Pope. Brings new meaning to Soap on a Rope (I shall not make mention of a certain banker and Blackfriars Bridge. Oh, whoops I already did):D

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