Perseus, builder of dens!

Most cats like to sleep. Most cats will find somewhere and commandeer it, for their personal use, until they abandon it. Perseus is a bit different. If he can’t find a suitable lair , he’ll build one. Our case in point today, sees him not completely happy with the space between the sofa and the cupboard. He’s only hemmed in one three sides whereas four is the optimum number, when there are beagles who might try and disturb your sleep. So what does Perseus the building inspector do? He finds a wooden box (in this case an old cassette drawer) knocks it over and pushes it into the gap to create a box that he can jump into and feel all snug and secure. Well that’s ok then.


About Words of Little Relevance

Freelance stage manager; software and web tester; Excel and map geek; Tweeter; Blogger and Cake Eater. Often back-stage in and around Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire where I move scenes, or play with lights or sound.
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